Permission / Images

The Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller, have been licensing photographs, quotes, text and the use of Buckminster Fuller’s name and likeness for use in publications, exhibitions and all other media for a number of years.

Before you contact us for permission to use our images, it would help expedite your request if you provide us with answers to the questions listed below.  The questions may not all apply to your specific project or needs.

  1. The title of the publication, article, media project or exhibition (working title will do if a final title has not yet been selected).
  2. What is the content of the project?
  3. What is the print-run of your publication or project, or expected audience attendance in the case of an exhibition or media project?
  4. For books, the approximate number of pages of your publication and the size of the book in inches.
  5. For books or audio and video and DVD, the expected publication date or street date.
  6. For books, if our images will be reproduced on the front or back cover or inside front and/or back cover and, if so, what approximate percentage of the page will the image take up?
  7. How many images in total will you be needing?
  8. Will you need high resolution images from us and, if so, what resolution in dpi and image size?
  9. The resolution in dpi that you need the images to be.
  10. The approximate percentage the image or images will take in relation to the size of the page.
  11. When you will need the materials
  12. For use of text excerpts or complete articles by Buckminster Fuller we will need to know the source and the number of words.
  13. The name and street address of your company that our simple agreement will be addressed to.
  14. A telephone number where you can be reached.

Once you have answered the above questions that pertain to your project, we will inform you of our licensing fee.  We will then draft an agreement and send you the image or images electronically at the resolution you need.
We look forward to being of assistance.



or call at (805) 563-0914